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About AIA Houston

A local chapter of American Institute of Architects (AIA), AIA Houston is a community of architects coming together to accomplish in our practices and in our region that which no single architect can do alone. Through a diverse catalog of programs, members have access to resources and tools to shape the built environment of Greater Houston. AIA Houston’s public outreach programs serve as a platform for experiencing architecture and design on a personal level, and reach a wide range of audiences, including students, educators, architects and designers, artists, design aficionados, Houston residents, visitors, and those interested in learning more about Houston’s built environment. Our most noted public programs, AIA Sandcastle Competition and AIA Home Tour, engage over 25,000 people every year.

AIA Houston Goals

Include others as we strive to enhance professional excellence and quality of life in Houston.

Connect our industry and our community through the development of leadership and research.

Support member value with a nimble and innovative chapter organization.


AIA Houston Bylaws 2021
[PDF 157.58 KB]
Strategic Plan 2018-2022
[PDF 134.46 KB]