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NRG Stadium
Crowds attending a game or event at Houston's NRG Stadium probably won't notice the 800-thousand lightweight concrete masonry units (CMU’s) in the walls. Each block making up the massive stadium contains rotary-kiln lightweight aggregates. In fact, lightweight is incorporated throughout the 1.9 million sq. ft. facility.

All interior walls were constructed with lightweight CMU’s made from expanded clay aggregate. Revels Block & Brick Co., Inc. produced the approximately 800,000 eight-inch CMU’s.

CMU’s manufactured with lightweight aggregate weigh less. Masons are able to work steadily with less fatigue because lightweight CMU’s are easier to lift and install. This increases productivity and shortens construction time. Lighter CMU’s also reduce dead load, which means smaller beams and less rebar are required in the supporting floors and walls. This affords overall construction savings.

Lightweight units are friendlier to the environment. Because lightweight CMU’s weigh less than normalweight CMU’s, fewer truckloads are necessary for delivery to the jobsite. In addition to transportation savings, fewer trucks mean less air pollution, and safer, less congested roadways.

Today, NRG Stadium is a multi-use facility that hosts many kinds of events in addition to football. For example, the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, concerts and conventions are among the many events that are held in this facility.
Home to the National Football League’s Houston Texans, construction of the stadium began in July 2000 and was completed in just 26 months with the help of hundreds of independent contractors and suppliers. The stadium was finished and ready for the Texans’ opening day on September 8, 2002.

Trinity Lightweight

1112 East Copeland Road
Suite 500
Arlington, TX 76011

Phone: 346-225-0266

Holocaust Memorial Room

Murphy Mears Architects, Inc.

1973 West Gray, Suite 13
Houston, TX 77019

Phone: 713-529-9933

Museum District Mission
A stately second floor addition and full renovation to a 1920's brick bungalow in the Museum District.


808 Bomar Street
Houston, TX 77006

Phone: (713) 524-5999

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