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Whether you are a member trying to find another member or someone looking for an architect or firm for an upcoming project, you can find who you are looking for using AIA Houston's Architect Search.

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Arborite has become synonymous with high pressure laminate. With over 60 years  experience  in Decorative High Pressure Laminate manufacturing there’s a success story behind every surface. Choose Arborite for post forming, color through surfaces, vertical, fire rated, chemical resistant and fiber reinforced laminate (FRL) panels.  For samples and technical information please email:  or call 281-561-9985.

Professional Distribution Center (PDC)

10980 Stancliff Road
Houton, TX 77099

Phone: 281-561-9985
Fax: 281-561-9984

Wine cellar design and consulting.

Lantz Full Circle

1514 Banks Street
Houston, TX 77006

Phone: 713-487-7770

Bayou Residence

CONTENT Architecture

3221 Milam Street, Suite 1
Houston, TX 77006

Phone: 713-230-8867

Recently Updated Members

Daniel Rigg

Daniel Rigg

AIA, Architect

Bruce Roadcap

Bruce B. Roadcap

AIA, Sole Proprietor

Filo Castore

Filo Castore

AIA, Principal

Newell Rambo

Newell V. Rambo Jr.

AIA, Owner - Sole Proprietor