2014 ArCH Film Festival

Architecture Meets Life

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Tonight: The Human Scale
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August 22, 2014
7:00 PM
Architecture Center Houston
315 Capitol, Suite 120
Houston, TX 77002

Architecture Meets Life
From its prehistoric days architecture has been an instrument for organizing, mediating, protecting, fostering and sometimes curtailing life -- not just human life but the lives of animals, plants and insects which surround our daily lives. Yet somehow we moderns have forgotten this history and are only now slowly relearning the impact of our built environments on the life around us. Please join us this year as the Architecture Center Houston presents three films that explore the poetic, social, humanistic, biological and inspiring results when Architecture Meets Life.

Thursday August 21  Battle for Brooklyn
BATTLE FOR BROOKLYN is the epic and universal tale of one man under pressure, and how far he will go to save his community and his home from the private developers who want to build a basketball arena on top of it. Along the way, he loses a fiancée, falls in love again, gets married, and starts a family. Shot over the course of eight years and compiled from almost 500 hours of footage, Battle for Brooklyn is an intimate look at the very public and passionate fight waged by the Prospect Heights community to save their neighborhood from destruction.

Friday August 22  The Human Scale
How do the spaces that surround us enhance or disturb our interactions with others? How can we make our streets more accessible by foot or bike? Stunningly photographed, THE HUMAN SCALE travels around the world to explore how Danish architect and urban planner Jan Gehl and other like minded designers, city planners, and urban activists have begun to transform cities such as New York, Beijing, Christchurch, and London.

Saturday August 23  Biophilic Design
BIOPHILIC DESIGN is an innovative way of designing the places where we live, work, and learn. We need nature in a deep and fundamental fashion, but we have often designed our cities and suburbs in ways that both degrade the environment and alienate us from nature. The recent trend in green architecture has decreased the environmental impact of the built environment, but it has accomplished little in the way of reconnecting us to the natural world, the missing piece in the puzzle of sustainable development. Come on a journey from our evolutionary past and the origins of architecture to the world’s most celebrated buildings in a search for the architecture of life. Together, we will encounter buildings that connect people and nature - hospitals where patients heal faster, schools where children’s test scores are higher, offices where workers are more productive, and communities where people know more of their neighbors and families thrive. Biophilic Design points the way toward creating healthy and productive habitats for modern humans.


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