Design Make Residency/TXRX Labs Open House Presentation

Meet the Residents. Presented by YAF

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June 7, 2019
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
205 Roberts Street
Houston, TX 77003

Brought to you by the Young Architects Forum

Design Make Residency/TXRX Labs Open House
Friday, June 7, 6:30pm
TXRX (205, Roberts St, 77003)

Join us for the Design Make Residents Open House presentations. 

Aziz Alshayeb, Edward Hidrogo, Austine Yu and Marcel Merwin will present their working projects at TXRX Labs. The Design Make Residency, a partnership between YAF and TXRX Labs, is an innovative program that bridges the gap between theoretical design and physical production. Residents will exhibit final projects in August 2019.

Aziz Alshayeb, Edward Hidrogo, Austine Yu will present at 6:30pm
Spatial Activity
Spatial relationships in architecture are typically defined as the relationships between objects. These relationships, while simple, can grow to be complex through overlapping layers of walls, partitions, steps, ceilings, and other surfaces. Rather than change the relationships in a space through the movement of objects, could the space change through the movement of the static?  Our project begins to study the inverse relationship of objects and spaces and how the spaces can react to the objects.

Tour of TXRX Labs from 7-7:30pm

Marcel Merwin will present at 7:30pm
Associating Figure: Studies of the Side Table
Furniture design reaches across time to create an identifiable figure that is built from a historical narrative. This narrative cues the viewer to connect a form to context. My study looks at this moment of connection and searches for its breaking point.

When does material disassociate form from context? Can breaking down the form to its generic parts, then reassembling them still reach the same narrative arc? What gives form its context?

These questions are investigated through a series of side tables that use material and formal designations to look for these limits.

About TXRX Labs

We enjoy a challenge. We seek out opportunities to learn, create and innovate, and we encourage this in others.

Our diverse network of creators, artist, and inventors coupled with tools and knowledge, enable dreams to become reality.

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