Theme: Environmental Equity

This year’s conference looks at the important role that environmental equity holds in both the AEC community and the built environment. As members of the AEC community, we have the capability and responsibility to apply our professional skills towards eradicating existing disparity in efficient, resilient, and healthy buildings and spaces. We welcome presentations that relate to equity in design, environmental justice, health and wellness, placemaking, public policy, and community resilience.

How does the build environment engage and enhance the community? Minority and lower socio-economic neighborhoods frequently bear the brunt of the impacts of unhealthy, energy inefficient, and disaster vulnerable buildings, and these communities have been historically underserved and displaced through policy and lack of representation. These chronic stressors are amplified in times of disaster, due to their vulnerable locations and fewer resources for recovery. How do we reduce these disparities and create vibrant equitable places for everyone?

Date: August 5 & 6, 2021

Location: Virtual