HNOMA - Symposium Part 3: Building Our: Neighborhood

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September 8, 2022
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

We are pleased to announce Part 3 of the HNOMA symposium, Building Our: Neighborhood.

In pre-pandemic 2020, the Houston Chapter of the National Organization of Minority Architects began the groundwork of a three-part series called the HNOMA Symposium. The Symposium focuses on issues affecting communities of color regarding homeownership and affordable housing.
Part One, titled Building Our: Table, was a panel discussion with local thought and action leaders in urban planning, public policy, affordable housing, and community development. We explored available resources and opportunities that empower people of color to preserve, build and maintain sustainable, prosperous communities. The discussion created the foundation for our next series.

Part Two, titled Building Our: Home, was a workshop assembling the resources and developing the toolkit for achieving affordability, ownership, and empowerment. The workshops provided a roadmap for financial planning, bridging the gap, and building equity.

We are pleased to announce Part 3 of the HNOMA symposium, Building Our: Neighborhood. We received a lot of interest and positive feedback on the resources provided last year concerning homeownership. It can be overwhelming learning about all the necessary items required to maintain a home for those who become homeowners. This workshop will discuss applying for homestead exemption, managing expenses, and protesting taxes. If you’re still saving and preparing to buy a home, some may struggle with determining the right time to buy. Join us as we address those concerns with experts in the field of financial forecasting. Or, if you’ve purchased and want to add value to your existing home instead of buying, there are options for adding value too.

Our workshop participants will include Jason Hyman & Libby Viera-Bland, AICP.

This workshop is on Thursday, September 8, 2022, @ 6:00 PM.

Jason Hyman
Jason Hyman is the Broker, principal planner and owner of Realinc’s Office of Jason T. Hyman. His vision guides the office in its mission to bridge the generational wealth gap through real estate, one relationship at a time. He is involved in relationship building within the office and among stakeholders, deal structuring and sourcing, responsible development and investment opportunities in Houston.

Libby Viera-Bland, AICP
Libby Viera-Bland, AICP is the Director of Neighborhood Development at Project Row Houses where she focuses on long term strategies to build affordable housing and support neighborhood preservation in the Third Ward. She received master's degrees in City Planning and Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania. Formerly, she was a Senior Planner with Asakura Robinson where she project managed the community engagement side of the Harris County Housing Study: My Home is Here. Libby also sits on the City of Houston’s Historic Preservation Appeals Board, and the publications committee for Rice University’s Cite Magazine. Libby is also a Culture of Health Leader through the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.