Lunchtime Learning July 8 (Webinar)

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July 8, 2021
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

VIRTUAL WEBINAR: Incorporating the Forgotten Thermal Benefits of Brick

Speaker: Chip Clark, The Brick Industry Association

DATE: July 8

COST: All AIA members experiencing hardship (loss of work, reduced pay) as a result of COVID 19, may attend these sessions FREE. Please email Rhonda for hardship request.

  • AIA Member or AIA Assoc Member - $10
  • AIAH Affiliate Member - $10
  • Non-Member - $25
  • Request Hardship Consideration / AIA Members Only - $0

Registration is required.  Instructions will be emailed to all registrants beginning July 6.


Course Description: While frequently chosen for aesthetics and durability, clay brick is not often considered when energy efficiency is a primary concern, even though it historically played a significant role in occupant comfort before widespread use of HVAC systems.  This course discusses the basics of heat transfer, relevant energy code provisions for walls, and how current research by the National Brick Research Center demonstrates the role that brick veneer can play in meeting or exceeding energy requirements in modern wall assemblies.    

Learning Objectives
1. Indicate how wall assemblies have changed throughout history and identify the thermal performance contribution of each component in the assembly.
2. Describe the impact of thermal mass, vented airspace, and reflective insulation on energy usage and code requirements.
3. Explain the differences in the code compliance paths and how mass walls, frame walls, and vented claddings are considered by the energy code.
4. Compare the dynamic thermal performance of wall assemblies with anchored brick veneer to wall assemblies with other claddings based on the results of contemporary research.