Lunchtime Learning June 24 (Webinar)

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June 24, 2021
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
Zoom Meeting

VIRTUAL WEBINAR: Geotechnical Considerations in Design and Construction of Tilt-Up Buildings and Parking Facilities

Speaker: David Eastwood, P.E., D.GE, DFE, C.A.P.M., F.FPA, F.ASCE; Geotech Engineering

DATE: June 24

COST: All AIA members experiencing hardship (loss of work, reduced pay) as a result of COVID 19, may attend these sessions FREE. Please email Rhonda for hardship request.

  • AIA Member or AIA Assoc Member - $10
  • AIAH Affiliate Member - $10
  • Non-Member - $25
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Registration is required.  Instructions will be emailed to all registrants beginning June 21. 



This is an in-depth seminar on geotechnical considerations for Tiltwall Buildings and Parking Lots. Mr. David A. Eastwood, P.E., D.GE, DFE, C.A.P.M., F.FPA, F.ASCE with Geotech Engineering and Testing will help you understand the basics of geotechnical and forensic engineering as it relates to tiltwall buildings and parking lots. The first tilt-up building was built in 4700 B.C. in Iraq when villages made walls from pressed mud. Many tilt-up buildings are being built in Texas for commercial use. The buildings are durable and cost effective. However, foundation and structural problems can occur if these buildings are not designed and constructed properly. The purpose of this presentation is to discuss the geotechnical concerns with design and construction of these building in Texas. Some of the design issues have to do with shallow piers, improper floor slab soil preparation and compaction. Some of the items that will be discussed are as follows:

• Slab closure strip construction and potential settlement. • Floor slab jointing • Column jointing • Floor slabs subject to heavy loading • Tilt-up panel casting and pick up • Quality control of soil and concrete • Panel connection and backfilling • Ramp loading, lateral pressures, bearing capacity, soil backfill • Select fill, moisture conditioning and chemical injection of the floor slab areas • Foundation system consisting of drilled footings, spread footings, strip footings and auger-cast piles • Concrete pavement design for the parking facility and loading docks • Pavement distress evaluation • Geoforensic evaluation of tilt wall buildings

Many of the parking lots are subject to heavy traffic truck loading. The presentation will address the proper design for the pavement subject to heavy traffic loading.