Media Training Workshop for AIA Members

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January 18, 2019
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
6909 Portwest Drive
Houston, TX 77024

Media Training Workshop by Christina Mozaffari, Public Media Relations Vice President

Learn to maximize your effectiveness in dealing with radio, TV, and print media interviews.  AIAH has contracted with Phillips Media Relations from Washington DC to conduct a full day of workshops.  


What makes a successful media interview? How do you get your message across and make sure your audience remembers it? How do you prepare? In this course you will learn: 

• Understand the rules of working with the media
• Interview for print, radio and television
• Get the headlines they want
• Deliver a crisp 15-second description of their work
• Identify their true target audience
• Boost their credibility with the audience
• Develop messages that have impact
• Use the "message support stool" to strengthen messages
• Tell a story that moves minds and drives action
• Cite data in a compelling manner
• Develop irresistible media sound bites
• Transition from off-topic questions to on-message responses
• Manage adversarial and hostile questioning
• Remain "on message" without compromising authenticity
• Create the right "feedback loops" through effective body language
• Model best practices for gesture, posture, voice, and eye contact
• ...and more

This course has been approved for 6 AIA LUs

Biography - Christina Mozaffari, VP, Phillips Media Relations.

Christina has prepared some of the nation's most-visible government agencies to excel during high-pressured crisis responses, worked with hundreds of top corporate executives, and developed a specialty in training mission-driven nonprofit groups.

Before becoming a full-time media and presentation trainer in 2011, she worked at NBC News, where she produced stories for NBC Nightly News, The Today Show, and Hardball with Chris Matthews, among others. She helped create the first Education Week series, which later became the highly successful Education Nation franchise. 

Ms. Mozaffari covered many of the major news stories in the last decade, from the 2008 presidential campaign, during which she traveled full-time with the Hillary Clinton campaign and later with Joe Biden, to Hurricane Katrina, the election of Pope Benedict in Rome and the war in Iraq.  She was awarded an Emmy as part of NBC’s team coverage of 2008’s presidential election night.  Some of her favorite interviews she produced over the years include the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, the King of Jordan, Martin Sheen and Robert Redford.