What Your Momma Didn't Tell You About Money

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August 4, 2021
6:15 PM - 7:45 PM

Brought to you by the Community Empowerment Through Health

Join the Community Empowerment Through Health (CETH) Committee as we explore aspects of financial health!

From a young age you are exposed to habits, advice, skills, and rituals over money which affect the quality of your physical, mental, social, and environmental health. And while your finances are measured as a combination of income, debt, savings, and spending, the most important metric is stability. As you develop in your personal life and professional career, each of those exposures and influences will manifest differently in your lifestyle choices and how you think about your finances giving way to great benefits or potential setbacks.

Even though a simple acknowledgment and understanding of what you learned and how it shows up in your life today will empower you to experience financial freedom in the future, what about all the things you didn’t learn as a kid?  What about all the things your momma didn’t tell you about money?

What Your Momma Didn’t Tell You About Money is an interactive panel discussion for all ages, demographics, and stages of life.  The goal is to provide you and your kids with the tools, resources, and vocabulary needed to navigate the confusing world of Financial Health.  We share this knowledge and wisdom directly from professional financial coaches who, like you, wish they would have known certain things growing up.

You are invited to join us on August 4th and celebrate our second event focused on Financial Health.  Feel free to invite your friends, colleagues, children, grandparents, and partners for a lively discussion about all things you wish you knew and can now share with those in your life - maybe even some takeaways which will help you, now and in the future.

Ashley Tate | YourLife Program Manager, The Women’s Resource of Greater Houston
Matthew Vahue, CLF | Regional Director, Alliance Advisory Group, Inc.
Daniel Scholl | Financial Coach, Houston Community College

This event is being held via Zoom. Participants will be sent login information via email the day prior to the event. 

QUESTIONS? Email Debby Joiner.
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Ashley is a Houston Native who believes everyone deserves access, not just to what they need, but the services and opportunities they want! She works at The Women’s Resource of Greater Houston, and is the YourLife Program Manager where she oversees volunteer engagement, YourLife Possibility Groups to support women through group coaching, and YourLife Finance classes to provide financial education to the Greater Houston area. She is also a beginner to intermediate roller skater during her spare time!

Matt is a wealth management advisor and financial coach, working with the Alliance Advisory Group, Inc. to inspire personal financial responsibility throughout our communities.  He is also an avid reader (and listener: Audible) and enjoys spending quality time with his wife and daughter.  He is passionate about boldly and courageously challenging conventional thinking, doing this with an absolute focus on people.

Daniel is a Financial Coach at HCC with almost 10 years of coaching experience and more than 10 years of industry experience in banking and retirement planning.  He received his Financial Coaching Certification from Central New Mexico Community College and is on the Advisory Board for the Financial Coaching Network with the United Way of Greater Houston.  He loves to travel with his family and would love to see a world full of equity and justice.