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Tarit K. Chaudhuri, founder of Archicon Services, Inc. is an Architect himself. He is a licensed Architect in the State of Texas, USA; a licensed Real Estate Broker in the same State and has a Master’s Degree in Construction Management from Texas A & M University. He started his career as following.

Architectural Career in USA started in 1971. He worked with different companies in New York City, Houston and Saudi Arabia. He worked full time since then with Architects, Interior Designer, Engineers and Mass Transit.

After graduating with a Master’s Degree in Construction Management, he worked with a Natural stone company and later with a construction company as director for couple of years only before going back to Architectural job again. Although he worked in Real Estate as part time agent since 1985, when he received his Broker’s License.

In 1993 he quit his full time job to start full time in Real Estate career. In 2001 he received CCIM designation, which is considered equivalent to PhD in Commercial Real Estate. He continued his career in Residential and Commercial Real Estate till to date. He also received a certification in Business Brokerage.

In 2007 he started his own Architectural company, Archicon Services, Inc. Till to date, he continued full time in Real Estate and Architectural business with the help of out sourcing the Architectural services and managing it from USA.

Due to his education, exposure and experience in building industry for so many years, he came to a realization that small Architectural Companies need to find a cost cutting method for Architectural Services, e.g. design development, drafting, rendering and animation. Small operators may not afford the liabilities and cost for hiring full or part time employees. This need for survival in business is very expensive in USA to make a reasonable profit. Other than Architects, many owners, Developers, Engineers could also use the services including conceptual design.

This finding and understanding made him think about getting the jobs done globally. It has two basic benefits:

Cost saving is substantial

Operation is virtually 24 hours. When people are sleeping in USA, our Architects are working in other half of the Globe. This creates additional savings due to faster turnaround.

Tarit’s partner in Kolkata, India is the main working force to oversee, conduct and manage the actual working process to deliver the flawless jobs most professionally, efficiently, cost effectively and on or before scheduled date. In Kolkata office we have more than enough man power to handle big projects and multiple projects at same time. We handle projects, mostly from USA and Canada. But we are capable of accepting works from anywhere in the world.



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