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Hedwig - Contour Interior Design
Moderno - Contour Interior Design
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Hedwig - Contour Interior Design
Moderno - Contour Interior Design
Chatsworth - Contour Interior Design

Led by Creative Director + Founder Nina Magon, Contour Interior Design, is a global, multi-award winning, interior design and interior architectural firm that has been published both nationally and internationally, and is currently designing worldwide. With headquarters in Houston, Texas, Contour Interior Design specializes in luxury residential, commercial and hospitality design. Established in 2008, Contour Interior Design’s commitment to creating exceptionally high-level and forward-thinking design has positioned the company as one of the worlds' top and most respected interior design studios.

As Creative Director of Contour Interior Design, Nina seeks to first create a vision and then execute it for each client, designing one-of-a-kind environments, each tailored to the client’s unique taste, with an emphasis on skillfully executed, flawless detail. Contour is lauded in its industry for its integration of design innovation, construction expertise, and business acumen. Her lavish residential, commercial and hospitality spaces have won national and international acclaim as she has been recognized as one of the trail blazers in design and most creative by Hospitality Design Magazine, Interior Design Magazine, Architectural Digest, The Wall Street Journal and many international publications and well-recognized accreditations.

The success of the company is rooted in the integration of design innovation, business savvy, and construction expertise. As educated professionals, Contour's designers keep informed with the latest trends, products and technologies to create a unique design experience for each of their clients’ distinctive tastes. They foster cutting-edge design thinking in an open studio environment. Their executives are business-minded for profitable projects that meet our clients’ budgets. Contour Interior Design is truly a full-service design company that encourages collaboration to get the most detailed, matchless, design end result.


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