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Gabriel Architects, a full service architectural and interior design firm, was established in 1991 (22 years ago) on a passion for architecture and a commitment to excellence.

At Gabriel Architects, we’re focused on the idea that a collaborative approach to design leads to a built solution attuned to its purpose, as well as the broader issues of image and context. Therefore, our method of designing begins with a collaborative spirit, working closely with the client to fully understand the written and unwritten aspects of the program and the complexities of the site. Firm founder, John W. Gabriel, AIA, and his team have a keen ability to listen between the lines to their clients; and draw architectural inspiration from each client’s unique desires and needs, and from each site’s unique orientation and characteristics.

While we’re a small firm, we’ve been blessed with unusually large projects. And we’re blessed with unusually strong Owner / Architect relationships which transcend normal working relationships.


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