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Intertek 3D laser scanning consultancy and technical expertise in the field of spatial and analytical engineering helps meet the challenges of operational shutdowns and reduce risks for large plant operations.

Intertek, with expertise gained by the acquisition of Hi-CAD, provides analysis and exploitation of 3D data across a vast range of industrial and geospatial applications within multiple sectors, including oil and gas, petroleum, infrastructure, aerospace, and ship-building.

During any new build or retrofit project, the need for accurate and timely information that can help reduce re-work, time, and costs is a tangible benefit. We provide a unique CAD integration solution allowing vast digital data capture in a very short space of time, mitigating risk and reducing potential project costs.

Our dimensional control and monitoring solutions can be effectively implemented in a number of critical areas, either onshore or offshore, in order to provide substantial benefits on projects such as existing status surveys, ship repair, fabrication surveys, to name a few.

Intertek has years of proven experience in industrial scale 3D laser scanning and dimensional control.


Construction/Project Management, New Building, Planning/Urban Design, Remodel/Addition, Restoration/Re-Use/Preservation, Special Services

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