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Houston, TX 77008

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McMac Cx is the Nation's first Full Service Sustainable Best Practices - Facilitation and Performance Auditing Firm.

Our Clients hire McMac Cx to maximize the Health, Efficiency and Prosperity of the places where we Live, Learn, Work and Play.

• McMac Cx deploys Proven Processes, Technologies, Modeling, Direct Project Oversight, Analytics, Data Acquisition and Economic Analysis that Improve Project Schedules, Reduce Project Risks and Increase Profit Margins for the Owners, Designers, Contractors and Operations Personnel.

• McMac Cx exposes the full Opportunity Costs of the Social, Environmental and Financial (Triple Bottom Line) Impacts and Benefits of Alternative Designs, Processes and Technologies.

• McMac Cx connects Project Teams with Green Incentives and Aligned Green Lenders.

• McMac Cx provides Building Design, Construction and Operations oversight, documentation and Performance Verification to ensure Owner intent is achieved and Projects are Successful, FOREVER!

• McMac Cx fields best in class Cloud Based Building Data Analytics and Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) monitoring to ensure Building Systems are Optimized and always achieve maximum Health, Efficiency and Productivity goals.

Contact us if you want to remove the barriers preventing your Project Team from implementing Best Sustainable Designs, Technologies or Operational Policies.


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