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Job Post Date: November 21, 2021

Licensed Architect

The purpose at PlanNorth is to create wonderful opportunities for INDIVIDUAL PEOPLE through a design community. Whether that's career advancement, support in professional development, the ability to focus on a specialty area, or balancing parenthood with career...we believe that in this environment lies the opportunity to develop your potential in an incredible way. At PlanNorth you will be working with smart, hardworking people on meaningful projects and creating space for our biggest gift in life: our families, friends, and time.

Job Description: Licensed Architect/Team Leader

For this position, capabilities include:

1. Join the team with an open mind and a knowledge that there is something to be learned from every member of the team, regardless of their experience level, education level, or position. Show the same respect, consideration, and appreciation to all levels of personnel.

2. Memorize the core values at PlanNorth, and make decisions in keeping with those values that we’ve all agreed to uphold:

We have fun practicing architecture…We chose this profession!
We give back generously.
We share what we know and ask others to the do the same.
We unite people during a challenge. No finger-pointing. We act like leaders and bring out the best in people on all teams.
We treat every project like it was our own.
3. Serve as a Project Architect on PlanNorth projects, leading a production team to take projects from beginning through completion, leading/assisting with the production of construction documents: a. Revit modeling of medium to large-scale commercial buildings b. Drawing sheet set-up and coordination c. Coordination among Revit files to create strong sets of construction documents
4. Lead clients and the PlanNorth team through programming approaches appropriate to the size, scale and complexity of the project
5. Develop concepts in response to initial client meetings, managing a team of designers for the creation of conceptual plans, renderings and other presentation-level materials
6. Plan, organize and implement design development efforts. Work to balance expectations and cost concerns, track decisions and client concerns for end-of-project owner satisfaction
7. Plan and implement overall project schedules
8. Review and adjust schedules as needed to meet deadlines and target completion dates
9. Mentor and advise design staff on matters pertaining to design
10. Make decisions about consultant contracts and scheduling, with input from firm principals
11. Continue development of operating procedures for drawing production, detail libraries and BIMs project planning, working with individual currently responsibility for BIMs planning
12. Work alongside team to enrich and monitor drawing quality standards
13. Contribute to quality assurance/control
14. Determine and implement drawing production improvements as needed with support of firm principals
15. Work toward the most efficient collaboration and coordination between PlanNorth team members and clients/consultants
16. Review drawing sets for quality control and coordination, and lead team in completing and distributing check sets correctly
17. Participate in Construction Administration on projects under your leadership/participation
18. Continue one’s own professional growth and development in an intentional way, leading by example to other design staff
19. Work with business development team member to attend potential new-client meetings, representing the company as a professional architect with the potential to lead their projects


*Please see Job Description*


Pre-requisite Skills for Consideration:

Design and technical detailing experience
Drafting, modeling, rendering, including Revit and AutoCAD
Digital graphic skills including knowledge of software such as Adobe Creative Suite
Experience in the craft of construction
Proficiency in Revit required
3+ years of relevant work experience as a Team Leader/Licensed Project Architect in Texas
Licensed Architect in the State of Texas
Compensation and benefits package includes competitive wages, 401K, health insurance, flexible paid time off, and paid holidays.

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