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Job Post Date: November 7, 2022

Project Manager - Multi-Family / Commercial

The Project Manager – Multi-Family/Commercial oversees multiple multi-family and commercial projects, supervises the team assigned to these projects and participates in firm-wide project management and training decisions. The Project Manager must be a licensed architect with a professional degree in architecture and a minimum of 8 years’ architectural design experience.


• Develops, coordinates and reviews multi-family and commercial project documents (drawings, specifications and other documents) for permitting, bidding and construction, ensuring program compliance, code and agency compliance, schedule commitments and product research. Advises the Principal/Associate Principal and consultants when the drawings and specifications are complete and ready to be issued.
• Communicates the technical implications of design decisions to client, project team, consultants and contractors.
• Organizes and directs the architectural and engineering teams to execute the work in an orderly, timely, and coordinated manner, ensuring the most efficient and cost-effective execution of assigned projects. Manages and directs work and human resources for a project’s staff and involved consultants.
• Serves as primary client liaison for assigned projects, working to ensure client satisfaction and project success (on schedule and within budget). Actively manages client budgets, schedules and programs.
• Provides input in developing proposals and contracts for potential projects, including assisting in estimating fees/hours and determining scopes of work and additional services that may be required.
• Provides input to the design and construction schedule, overseeing the schedule throughout design, documentation and construction to ensure project is being completed in timely manner as required.
• Oversees budgeted hours for assigned projects and is responsible for keeping team on task, on schedule and within budgeted hours for each project. Communicates to Principal, Associate Principal or Senior Project Manager any issues with managing project and associated staff, including when a project is exceeding its budgeted time. Provides oversight and monitoring of staff workload and scheduling on assigned projects.
• Coordinates weekly scheduling of project and staff assignments, ensuring timely execution of projects and profitable billing of entire office.
• Oversees maintenance and development of office project and documentation standards.
• Partakes in preparing construction contracts for GCs, including participating in interviewing and hiring contractors for proposed projects
• Monitors construction progress and ascertains whether phases of the construction process are in compliance with building plans and project deadlines. Reviews and responds to submittals and RFIs for document compliance.


• Excellent graphic, written and verbal communication skills
• Strong problem-solving and teamwork skills.
• Works well in a team setting with other managers to share project data, exchange ideas and move forward to complete all project tasks within a given timeframe.
• Strong customer service skills.
• Independent worker, requiring minimal supervision.
• Ability to work under pressure, prioritizing multiple projects and adjusting work accordingly.
• Proven ability to function in all phases of project development from schematic design through construction administration.
• Knowledgeable in multi-family and commercial architectural standards, engineering practices, building ordinances and documentation standards in order to communicate effectively with clients and project team.
• Field experience on multiple residential projects, with a developed knowledge of field’s concepts, practices and procedures.
• Working experience Revit.


For the past 27 years Mirador Group has built a reputation for inspiring design and meticulous professionalism in the Houston area. Mirador Group has an integrated architectural practice that encompasses commercial and residential architecture, interior architecture, and interior design. Its growing portfolio of iconic projects include trendsetting commercial developments, majestic single-family homes and progressive urban infill multi-family residences.
The name Mirador is a Spanish word meaning “a place that commands an extensive view”. Mirador develops a unique vision and stays true to style for each project from the master planning of the land, design of the structure and grounds, and material selection through completion. Mirador Group’s commitment to authenticity of design and unique on-site impact has proven results in accelerated sales, premium returns, and repeat clients. Most importantly, Mirador focuses on the interaction between architecture and the community, making lasting contributions through its projects.
• Our Core Values: We are Creative. We are Passionate. We are Collaborative. We are Service-Oriented. We are Diverse & Inclusive.
• We pride ourselves on being a boutique-sized firm (less than 20 people) that has large-firm capabilities and diversity of project types.
• You will be exposed to various project types, and be able to work in all phases of a project from schematic design to construction administration
• You want to work at a place that prioritizes balance and flexibility in the lives of employees. We allow for flexible work schedules, limit overtime work and compensate for overtime when worked.
• We offer great benefits, including company contribution to Health Plans, company matching for 401K plans, short-term disability, bonuses, professional development support, and help with personal/professional growth strategies.
• We have been in business in Houston for 27 years and are looking to for individuals who want to be a part of the future of our growing team as we increase our presence and capability across the state of Texas.
• You are not a collaborative team player.
• You do not like working on multiple projects at one time.
• You need to always be told what to do and are not willing to think independently.
• You don’t enjoy having some autonomy and contributing towards a project’s direction.
• You are not passionate about what you do.
• You do not believe diversity and inclusivity are important in a workplace.

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