Hector Covo Jr..

AIA, Vice President
1001 Fannin St Ste 4040
Houston, TX 77002

Phone (713)850-6688
Fax (713)622-7021
Hector Covo


Hector Covo believes that architecture is a tool to elevate the human spirit and improve the quality of life for those who experience it, inside and out. He strives for his work to have a positive impact on the built environment and the community.

Hector is a Vice President at Huitt-Zollars, which acquired Morris Architects, where he has been for 14 years. He has 25 years of experience in a wide variety of project types including: healthcare, entertainment, hospitality, performing arts, churches, medical office buildings, and commercial interior design. Hector currently leads senior living group, with a particular focus on the continuum of care for seniors in urban environments. Hector is exploring opportunities to create uplifting environments for aging seniors, where they can continue to be a part of a community.

Hector attended the University of Florida Colleges of Architecture and received his Bachelor of Architecture Degree at the University of Houston. He is a licensed architect in the State of Texas, and regularly sits on juries for both graduate and undergraduate design studios at the University of Houston.

Hector has been involved in a number of organizations, which provided scholarships and mentoring for students. He speaks to promote higher education and architecture as a career to at-risk youth in urban schools. He currently serves as a board member of the South Main Alliance and the Transportation Committee. Hector is also a member of the AIA Houston Committee on Architecture for Health, where he chaired the CAH SES Student Design Competition, which encouraged a broader understanding of a community healthcare project’s connectivity to its urban fabric as a strategy to promote healthy communities.