AIA Sandcastle

04/27/2018 | AIA Houston

The AIA SandCastle Competition is a fund-raising event for AIA Houston and ArCH Foundation as well as one of the top five revenue generating events for the City of Galveston. This year over 60 teams have their eyes and shovels set on winning the prestigious Gold Bucket Award. Firms begin months in advance generating ideas, developing designs, and assigning duties. On the day of the event the teams, stretched along the beach front, meticulously sculpt their piles of sand and work non-stop for five hours.

The judging of the sculptures is rated on originality of concept, artistic execution, technical difficulty, carving technique, and utilization of the site. In addition to the Golden Bucket, awards are given in several categories including Traditional Castle, Architectural, Kidtastic!, Houston-centric, Superheroes, Pop Culture, and World History as well as Public Favorite, Tallest Standing Structure, Greatest Feat of Structural Ingenuity, Team T-shirt Design, Team Signage, and Team Costume. At the end of the day, everyone goes home with memories of a great day at the beach filled with fun, sand and sun.

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