Artisan Award – MAK Studio


The AIA Houston Artisan or Craftsman Award is given to artisans who have worked closely with architects for to significantly enhance the architect’s work. This year, the 2022 AIA Houston Artisan Award is presented to Liz Cordill and Jose Aguilar of MAK Studio. Architects themselves, Liz and Jose founded MAK in 2014 to tackle a familiar problem in the practice of architecture – getting built what you’ve designed.  Since 2014, MAK has worked closely with Houston architecture firms to bring the wow factor without breaking the bank. Māk Studio has made life easier for architects, interior designers and their clients through a mix of technology and fabrication. Specializing in the design and crafting of custom spaces, functional elements, furniture and surfaces, Māk has found a niche in the fabrication arena by using technology and innovation to produce signature elements on projects that might have otherwise been VE’d. For their work on behalf of the architecture community and for making us all look a little more talented, it is an honor to present the 2022 AIA Houston Artisan Award to MAK Studio.