People. Place. Power.: Ivy Lorraine Walls


Ivy Lorraine Walls is a pioneering agriculturalist deeply ingrained in both community and culture, making significant strides in the farming sphere with an unwavering dedication to nurturing food-secure ecosystems.

In 2020, she spearheaded the establishment of Ivy Leaf Farms in Sunnyside, one of the city’s oldest predominantly Black neighborhoods. Leveraging her rich third-generation farming legacy and an entrepreneurial spirit, Ivy stands at the forefront of advocating for food accessibility and equity.

Her impactful portfolio comprises Ivy Leaf Farms, Fresh Houwse Grocery, and Black Farmer Box, a weekly subscription service that supplies low-cost fresh fruits and vegetables. Her revolutionary efforts have placed her at the center of a movement to transform the agricultural landscape, especially in Houston’s Black communities.

Join us on Saturday, June 1 for a tour of Ivy Leaf Farms. Space is limited. Register here.