Big, Hot, Sticky Opening June 27


Big, Hot, and Sticky
Architecture Center Houston
Opening Thursday, June 27, 5:30-7:30pm
June 27-August 23, 2024

Houston’s emergence as a metropolis has been shaped by its defiance of the environment. From climate control to flood control, the city is a hyper-engineered, constructed landscape designed to resist the natural world. As Houston grows, however, so too does the tension between the natural and the human-made. “Big, Hot, and Sticky,” invites seven designers to respond to Houston’s provocation through critical histories, design research, and speculative projects rooted in the city’s urban landscape.

Contributors: Cadaster, Lola Ben-Alon and The Natural Materials Lab, Dept., Departamento del Distrito, Dalia Munenzon, Jess Myers, Fei Zhou

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