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01/01/2014 | Page

PageSoutherlandPage announced it’s welcoming a new generation of leaders to effectively support its growth. This is reflected by a suite of changes—a new form of business organization with expanded ownership, a new visual identity program, a new home on the Web, and a new trade name, all effective January 1, 2014. While the firm’s full, traditional name will still exist for formal purposes, it invites everyone to simply call it “Page”.

The firm started as a partnership between two people and evolved over time into the robust organization it is today, operating across five domestic offices and several international affiliates. One characteristic that has set the firm apart from its professional peers through the years has been its remarkable success at transferring the mantle of leadership from one generation to the next. Additionally, under the firm’s reorganization it will begin the process of transferring partial ownership of the firm to all employees through an employee stock ownership plan.

With more than 40 percent of Page staff under the age of 35, the new and flatter organizational structure is intended to support its young and rising talent. One way is by providing more opportunities to work side by side with experienced leaders in delivering the forward thinking, program-driven solutions for which Page is known. Another is by providing them with the opportunity to work worldwide across multiple cultures.

The new logo will remind employees, partners and clients alike that Page has reaffirmed its vision of becoming influential champions for design that makes lives better. The firm remains deeply committed to providing unique solutions to complex challenges in multiple international market sectors ranging from healthcare to science and technology to civic and government projects.

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With roots extending back to 1898, Page provides architecture, interiors, consulting and engineering services throughout the United States and around the world. The firm’s diverse, international portfolio encompasses the healthcare, academic, government and science and technology sectors, as well as civic, corporate and urban housing projects. Page has more than 425 employees and offices in Austin, Dallas, Denver, Houston and Washington, D.C. Learn more about the firm at