Call to Action from TxA President Connie Rivera


In the wake of the nationwide outbreak of COVID-19, it is time for us, the stewards of the built environment, to rise up and offer our expertise. Architects are resilient and resourceful — we know we can respond quickly and creatively in the face of crisis. This current climate affords us the unique opportunity to show the world just how relevant we actually are.

We need you to act NOW on the survey below. It is imperative that we hear from you as soon as possible, especially as you will know your own community better than anyone else!

The United States currently has more recorded COVID-19 cases than any other country, and it is clear that this pandemic will keep growing. Hospitals and other medical facilities are overwhelmed and overflowing, unable to provide the necessary services to those in need. It is time to be creative and come up with alternative spaces that can be adapted and utilized to offer much-needed medical services. More so than any other profession, we are the ones who know what is needed to make these alternative spaces a reality.

Facilities Survey: Responses Needed Immediately
We ask you to help us identify spaces that might be used in your community for either hospital surge/temporary facilities OR buildings that might accommodate 1,000 beds (for large metro areas, this number can be proportionately smaller for smaller communities). Please visit this link to provide that helpful information. The information that you provide us through this survey will be the basis of our emergency preparedness plan. If you would like more explanation about the space parameters, please click here.

Please note that the Texas Society of Architects website has an incredible amount of information available. Please visit our site and our COVID-19 Resources page often, as the information on this page is being constantly updated AND assist us in being a resource to state officials as they work through these circumstances.

Our thoughts are with you during these difficult times. We are here for you, and hope that you, in turn, will be here for your communities by responding to this call for help. Working together, we can make a difference.