Health SES 2019


Health Symposium Exhibition & Social (SES) annually provides an opportunity for education and networking to members of the architectural and healthcare communities. The event includes happy hour, a seminar, and a panel discussion focusing on a new era of growth and innovation in the healthcare industry.


Behavioral Health

The face of behavioral healthcare is changing.  Raised awareness and better access to care is shifting the tides and the stigma is fading.  We can all benefit from this growing area of care that encompasses how we handle stress, how our actions impact our minds and bodies, and how it all contributes to our overall well-being.  Violence, relationship dynamics, physical health issues, drugs, and other external factors are increasingly challenging our healthcare system. Now, more than ever, behavioral health awareness is critical to our families and to our communities.

Join us for the AIA Committee on Architecture for Health SES event, where leading behavioral health providers will discuss the current state of behavioral health services and regulations.

2019 Keynote Speaker:

Kent Hedges, Senior Regional Project Manager, Universal Health Services (UHS)

more information and registration can be found here