Health SES


As the question of healthcare delivery is continually addressed in the halls of the government, an unquestioning reality for the industry today is the ability to deliver more quality care, for less capital investment, to more people managing and sharing data along the way. An intersection between healthcare and architecture becomes apparent where more is being asked of the built environment under increasingly scrutinized budgets and timetables. What does the future look like concerning the synergies and operational efficiencies to be gained in the understanding of how the healthcare marketplace anticipates solving tightening budget belts and increased patient loads?

This program is appropriate for all professionals related to the planning and development of healthcare environments from planners, architects, engineers, clinicians, institutional leaders, contractors, developers, project managers, real estate leaders, product vendors, and building owners / managers. This program is considered to cover fundamental information basic to meet the educational needs of every professional at every experience level.

5:00 PM Reception / Exhibition
6:15 PM Keynote Speaker
7:15 PM Panel Discussion
8:00 PM Program Adjourns

Interns - $20.00 | AIA Member - $40.00 | Non Member - $80.00