Mentoring the Architects of Tomorrow

07/01/2015 | VLK Architects

Architecture is everywhere but having the ability to teach the understanding and complexity of architectural design is another endeavor. VLK Architects believes that teaching the architects of tomorrow how to observe, understand and enjoy the built environment will open their minds toward more creative thinking and a goal of providing meaningful environments for our rapidly changing world. In order to demonstrate VLK’s commitment to this principle, VLK encourages its employees to do participate by offering one paid day off to volunteer in the community.

“One of VLK Architect’s core values is to Challenge yourself to improve professionally, technically, and as leaders both in the office and in the community,” said Todd Lien, VLK Principal, “As a result we encourage our employees to not only be thought leaders in the architecture field but also mentor future architects.”

Angel Rivera, VLK Project Coordinator, is one example of putting that core principle to action. He is serving as this year’s acting chairman of the MGMC, Michael G. Meyers Committee, for which he has been involved for five years.

“I love being able to tell students that I used to be in their shoes, give them my story of how I got where I am today!” said Rivera, “It’s a rewarding feeling to give back to the community by helping shape our future architects!”

Each January, the MGMC gives over 100 motivated students, teachers and parents the opportunity to interact with more than 500 professionals in the architecture community and work on projects with students from across the Houston area. Students are given a client and program for their designs. The competition is judged and culminates with an awards ceremony with projects exhibited at the Architecture Center Houston.

“It’s very inspiring to be a part of the program and see the creativity of each student grow” said Rivera, “I am grateful that VLK values this work as much as I do.”

The MGMC is dedicated to the memory of Michael G. Meyers, president-elect of the Houston Chapter of the American Institute of Architects and managing partner of Kirksey-Meyers Architects who passed away in 1988 at the age of 36. The MGMC Scholarship Program was started by the Houston Chapter of the AIA and is an annual project of the Architecture Center Houston Foundation.