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06/03/2016 | ACRP

On May 13, 2016, ACRP held their inaugural ACRP Inshore Invitational Fishing Tournament at TopWater Grill in San Leon, Texas.

Randy Young, ACRP Treasurer and fishing tournament chairman said, “We wanted something to precede our historically successful fall golf tournament and a spring fishing tournament seemed to be a good complement to that event. We were very blessed and fortunate to have more participants than we thought we would, an incredible and hard working committee to bring this together in a very short time frame, and extremely good weather for the day of the event. We are looking forward to hosting this again next year.”

Featured from left to right, Jason Atkinson, Stantec and ACRP President, Robbie Jacobs, DPR Construction, Randy Young, Terrenova Real Estate Group, ACRP Treasurer and Fishing Tournament Chairman, Phillip Matthews, Stantec, ACRP Golf Committee.