10/27/2014 | Pacific Consulting Group

“Walk a mile in our shoes” might be the mantra of companies frustrated by consultants that don’t understand the details of their business needs. Architects and developers have nothing to fear when hiring Pacific Consulting Group (PCG) for 3D renderings and animations. PCG recently hired former commercial real estate administrator Sarah Amos to serve as Vice-President of Client Relations. In the new role, Amos will be responsible for business development and client management. She will also lead office administration and management.

Amos previously worked for Weingarten Realty in property management and tenant leasing, regularly coordinating with various municipalities on fee assessments and lot descriptions. Such work honed her skills for detailed data management and tenant relations.

PCG President Jing Johnson, LEED AP, sees Amos’ background and her nurturing personality as major client benefits.

“Sarah’s familiarity with developers is certainly a plus, but I think PCG clients will most appreciate her focus on service,” Johnson said. “Sarah’s previous work is very similar to the role she’ll fulfill for PCG clients; she’ll be with our clients from project kick-off through final approval to make sure PCG delivers what we promised. She is a genuinely caring person and I know our clients will see that.”

Amos can be reached at sarah.amos@pcg-us.com or 713-449-3049.

About Pacific Consulting Group
PCG provides detailed, realistic and engaging 3D architectural rendering and visualization services. Their leadership team translates their architectural background into value-driven graphics and multi-media packages for developers, architects and facility owners. Hallmarks of their service are goal-oriented deliverables, expedient delivery, and stringent quality control.

Since their founding in 2005, PCG has become one of Houston’s largest and fastest-growing HUB and MBE-certified graphics firms. PCG evolved from Jing Johnson’s initial idea to leverage the power of architectural imagery as a business tool within the firm setting. Visit www.pcg-us.com to learn more.