RdlR Architects Announces New Hire

09/19/2013 | RdlR Architects

RdlR Architects is excited to announce the most recent additions to our growing team, as we continue our core mission of community-inspired architecture.

Dianne Goode joined the RdlR team as a project designer this summer. She recently moved to Houston from her hometown Dallas, where she worked at Waddill Group, a commercial interiors and architecture firm. Dianne is a 2010 graduate from the School of Architecture at the University of Texas at Austin.

Phillip Cano has rejoined the RdlR team. During his previous 7 years with RdlR, Mr. Cano worked on a wide variety of project designs and is currently working on projects including METRO’s Burnett Plaza Transit Center. Phillip is a 2004 graduate of University of Houston College of Architecture, originally from El Paso, Texas.

Pawel Czekaj joined the RdlR team as a project designer this summer. Pawel is fairly new to Houston and is excited about being involved in public and urban-scale projects in what is one of the most diverse cities in America. He feels that it’s the city’s great potential that gives it its captivating charm to young architects. Pawel is a 2013 graduate of the Rice University School of Architecture.