RdlR Architects recognized as Best in Show

10/30/2012 | RdlR Architects

Last Saturday, RdlR Architects was recognized as Best in Show for Houston’s annual Barkitecture charitable auction, hosted by Houston Pavilions, benefiting the Pup Squad animal rescue.

About Le Dog Hausss:
RdlR Architects designed “Le Dog Hausss”, a structure inspired by the modern style of the Bauhaus school as founded by Gropius and defined by Le Corbusier statement “the house is a machine for living in”.  Team Leader, Hugo Senties shares that  additional influences include the abstract designs of Piet Mondrian, which emphasize bright primary colors and simple basic forms, are congruent with the paint choices and structural approach. 

The project was conceived to use recycled materials along with limited new materials.  The idea to create a light yet structurally sound doghouse led us to use scrap aluminum channels and panels.  However, our concern to prevent the doggie from heat burn, initiated the use of marine plywood for the roof and floor.  The soffit made of recycled aluminum panels blend seamlessly with the roof through the use of primer, paint and caring craftsmen. The addition of a dual wall polycarbonate skylight adds natural light without adding unwanted heat gain. 

The stainless steel mesh was saved and recycled from a forgotten bin of a long ago built project.  The mesh enclosure provides an open airy structural support allowing for 360 degree views in yet an enclosed environment.  The oval space of the enclosure mimics the organic shape of the dog in a resting position. 

Le Dog Hausss’ colorful and puffed up cushion was handcrafted by architect Carmen Kearns- a prolific seamstress who loves and cares for her own doggies.  The addition of accent low voltage LED recessed light fixtures along with a LED spotlight highlighting the proud new owner’s photo.  As gratuity for the lucky Le Dog Hausss owner, the framed photo will be customized with their selected picture to be mounted on the stand-offs.

Le Dog Hausss diner experience is suspended above the ground for health considerations as well as to prevent unwanted visitors into the food and water dishes.  The stainless steel purple dishes are removable and dishwasher safe to provide years of service to the most discriminating doggie.  Le Dog Hausss can be used for either interior or exterior settings.

About RdlR:
RdlR is a recognized Houston firm with a commitment to the profession, to our clients and to education. RdlR has been recognized by its peers. The Firm has received over 28 Design awards in its 30-year history, including the Texas Society of Architects Design Award for both 2011 and 2012. Additionally, RdlR is the recipient of the 2005 Texas Society of Architects Firm Award, the highest award bestowed on a firm that has consistently produced distinguished architecture for at least ten years, and the 2005 AIA Houston Firm of the Year Award.

For more information about RdlR Architects, visit www.rdlr.com and follow @rdlrarch on Twitter.