A134-2009 (formerly A131CMc-2003)

Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Construction Manager as Constructor where the basis of payment is the Cost of the Work Plus a Fee without a Guarantee Maximum Price Similar to A133-2009

$31.99 - each

this construction manager as similar to A133 -2009, this construction manager as constructor agreement is intended for use when the owner seeks a construction manager who will take on responsibility for providing the means and methods of construction. However, in AIA Document A134-2009 the construction manager does not provide a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP). A134-2009 employs the cost-plus-a-fee method, wherein the owner can monitor cost through periodic review of a control estimate that is revised as the project proceeds. The agreement divides the construction manager's services into two phases: the preconstruction phase and the construction phase, portions of which may proceed concurrently in order to fast track the process. A134-2009 is coordinated for use with AIA Documents A201-2007, General Conditions of the Contract for Construction, and B103-2007, Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect for a Large or Complex Project. NOTE: A131CMc-2003 expired on May 31, 2010. CAUTION: To avoid confusion and ambiguity, do not use this construction management document with any other AIA construction management document.


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