Agreement Between Owner and Design-Builder

$41.99 - Each

A141-2004 replaces A191-1996 and consists of the Agreement and three exhibits, Exhibit A, Terms and Conditions, Exhibit B, Determination of the Cost of the Work, and Exhibit C, Insurance and Bonds. Exhibit B is not applicable if the parties select to use a Stipulated Sum. A141-2004 obligates the Design-Builder to execute fully the Work required by the Design-Build Documents, which include A141-2004 with its attached exhibits, the project criteria and the design-builder's proposal, including any revisions to those documents accepted by the owner, supplementary and other conditions, addenda and modifications. The Agreement requires the parties to select the payment type from three choices: (1) Stipulated Sum, (2) Cost of the Work Plus Design-Builder's Fee, and (3) Cost of the Work Plus Design-Builder's Fee with a Guaranteed Maximum Price. A141-2004 with its attached exhibits forms the nucleus of the Design-Build Contract. Because A141-2004 includes its own Terms and Conditions, it does not use A201-1997.


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