Clays for College T-Shirt, Mulligans, Golf Carts, Games

January 28, 2022
9:00 AM

Thank you for supporting Architecture Center Houston and the Michael G. Meyers High School Competition by participating in Clays for College. Each team and individual must complete a t-shirt order form. Each team should select four t-shirts.

Event t-shirts are not available for teams and individuals that register after Tuesday, January 11, 2022.

You also have the opportunity to purchase golf carts, mulligans, Pair in the Air and Two Man Flurry Tickets.

Please contact Jennifer Ward at with any questions. Thank you.

Extras and Games: 
Mulligans - Missed a shot and need a do-over! Purchase a max of five tickets (10 targets) and improve your score. Sold in sets of two.

Pair in the Air - A fun game where two targets are thrown at once over the late for a total of 10 targets per shooter. (5 pairs)

Two Man Flurry - A fun game where a team of two attempts to break 20 targets in 45 seconds.


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Item Price Quantity Total
XXL T-Shirt $0.00 - Each $0.00
XL T-Shirt $0.00 - Each $0.00
Large T-Shirt $0.00 - Each $0.00
Medium T-Shirt $0.00 - Each $0.00
Small T-Shirt $0.00 - Each $0.00
Golf Cart (4 seater) $100.00 - Each $0.00
Two Mulligans (Five Ticket Max) $40.00 - Each $0.00
Pair in the Air (10 Targets) $20.00 - Each $0.00
Two Man Flurry (2 Shooters) $40.00 - Each $0.00