SAP Training Sunday Overflow Session

Sunday Overflow Session

AIAH and TXA is currently working with FEMA and local officials in Harris County and the surrounding areas affected by Hurricane Harvey to deploy trained volunteers to assess whether damaged buildings are safe for habitation. The structures that must be examined far outnumber the quantity of trained city inspectors. The AIA Safety-Assessment Program (SAP) training provides architects, engineers, and building officials and inspectors with the knowledge to provide evaluation of facilities, buildings, and infrastructures in the aftermath of a disastrous event.

Special thanks to Trepex Construction, The Javelin Group, DFD Architects, and Whiting-Turner for sponsoring this program.

Program Details

This is a full day, all-hazards, training session. Trainers will share experiences from the field and will walk attendees through interactive case studies; demonstrating common damage and safety precautions.

Eligible Participants

All building industry professionals are welcome and will receive a class attendance certificate. Credentialed practitioners will be eligible to perform post-disaster assessments after successfully completing SAP training. Eligible practitioners include:

  • Licensed architects
  • Registered civil, structural, or geotechnical engineers
  • Certified building officials and inspectors 

Certification Process

The AIA Disaster Assistance Program is based upon California’s Office of Emergency Services (OES) Safety Assessment Program (SAP). After successfully completing AIA’s SAP training, eligible individuals will earn a California-issued OES certificate and SAP ID card.

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