Architecture Center Houston (ArCH)

a collaboration of AIA Houston and the Architecture Center Houston Foundation


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Architecture Center Houston
P.O. Box 66696
Houston, TX 77266

The Architecture Center Houston (ArCH) is located at the 902 Commerce St in the historic B.A. Reisner Building. Due to flooding from Hurricane Harvey, the center is closed until repairs can be completed.


The mission of Architecture Center Houston (ArCH) is to promote awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the ways in which architecture, design and urban planning influence and enhance the quality of life in our community. Architecture Center Houston is the only dedicated venue in the city for the public, both Houston residents and tourists, to learn about architecture and design in general and the built environment of greater Houston. ArCH provides education on the benefits of good design and advocates for communities’ engagement in creating well-designed environments that support their needs and aspirations.

The Houston Architecture Foundation was originally founded in 1986 by members of AIA Houston and the Houston design community to raise money and award grants to local projects that meet our mission. In 2007, AIA Houston and the Foundation opened Architecture Center Houston as the only public venue in Houston dedicated to the appreciation of architecture, design and the built environment.

ArCH Rental

ArCH rentals will resume once the Center is reopened. For more information contact 713-520-0155.