Building Enclosure Council

Next Event: March 17, 2015

5:30 - 7:00 PM

AIA Houston
315 Capitol Suite 120
Houston, TX 77002

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About BEC Houston

BEC Houston is a committee of AIA Houston cooperating with BETEC, the National Institute of Building Sciences and The American Institute of Architects.

We are an interdisciplinary forum where architects, engineers (structural, mechanical, etc.), consultants, manufacturers, contractors, developers, owners, facility managers, educators and other interested individuals can meet. The intent is to provide a means by which all those with an interest in the enclosure (envelope) of commercial, institutional, and residential structures and the related building science can discuss common issues, obtain information, discuss local issues, and otherwise address subjects relating to the building enclosure.

BEC Houston's mission is to: 

  1. Promote and encourage discussion, training, education, technology transfer, and the exchange of information about local issues and cases, relevant weather conditions, and all matters concerning the building enclosure and the related science

  2. Initiate and promote cross-disciplinary and cross-responsibility dialogue, i.e., laterally between professions, and vertically among designers, manufacturers, suppliers, fabricators, constructors, building operators, developers, insurers, and others with an interest in the building enclosure

  3. Facilitate improvements with respect to process, namely, inspection, approvals, codes, regulations, standards, liability matters, and the like for matters that affect the building enclosure.


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