Community Empowerment Through Health

Community Empowerment Through Health (CETH) meets the first Monday of each month via Zoom.


Creating an environment where concepts of health can be talked about, explored and lived.


To guide the Architecture, Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Planning and Design communities in understanding and developing a sustainable foundation of a healthy lifestyle.

* * * * *

The work life of many design professionals, as well as many of our corporate colleagues, is that of urgent deadlines and a never ending set of tasks.  We hunch over our desks, skip meals, enjoy a plethora of vices to keep us going, and brag about it all to our friends and family when they ask us how work is going.  What would it take to change how we thought about and acted towards our profession?

At the end of the day, Architects and other design professionals are charged with protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the public but there’s nothing in our professional toolset about directly protecting and nurturing our health, fitness, and wellness as we work and live and develop through our professional lives.

What if instead of talking just about the health, resiliency, and sustainability of the built environment, we advocated for the health of our colleagues and ourselves, our resiliency in successful and stressful times, and the sustainability of our actions over time as they relate to our wellbeing?

The Community Empowerment Through Health (CETH) committee is your toolset to understand the eight categories of health and explore fun and accessible ways to engage with your life – in, and out of the workplace.  Let’s work together to create a healthy foundation to the life of wellness we all deserve!