Michael G. Meyers Design Competition

Projects Due
April 29
Architecture Center Houston

For more information about MGMC please contact Natasha Shamshiri at natashas@kirksey.com

Architecture Center Houston
315 Capitol, Ste 120
Houston, TX 77002

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An annual ideas competition with an emphasis on creative problem solving and graphic presentation, the Michael G. Meyers Design & Scholarship Competition is sponsored by the Architecture Center Houston Foundation, the Houston Chapter of AIA and local architectural firms and affiliates. This year students are challenged to design a new adoption shelter for cats and dogs. The Competition Committee hosts a series of events to help the students learn basic architectural design skills and understand the competition requirements. Projects are due in April and the winners will be announced at an awards ceremony at Architecture Center Houston. All Houston area high school students are eligible to participate regardless of class affiliation or age. Students are requested to enter only once per year as either a member of a team or as an individual. Teachers and Counselors are encouraged to promote this scholarship competition.

2016 Program: Animal House

Animal shelters have evolved over the past few decades from the dismal dog pounds of the past to attractive civic destinations. Not only safe havens for homeless animals, animal shelters today are happy places that people want to visit, volunteer and adopt. Animals are no longer displayed in tight cages and dirty kennels, but are spotlighted for display not unlike high-end retail malls. Materials used in these settings are colorful and playful, often including animal iconography and whimsical animal shapes. The areas where people gather to view the animals are odor free with no sounds of stressful, barking dogs. They have good lighting and places to sit and visit with their future pets and each other. Outdoor spaces enhance the adoption experience with more opportunities to see dogs in their natural environments.

This year, the design problem for the MGMC is to design a new adoption shelter for dogs and cats.

The site is to be located in East Downtown, which is a rapidly developing area of Houston including a variety of commercial, residential, and industrial venues. The area’s close proximity to downtown is sure to bring in a wide variety of visitors to the space from many forms of transportation including walking, biking, light rail, bus, and car.

MGMC 2016 Competition Program links:

2016 Competition Program
2016 Competition Program Presentation
this is the detailed 2016 program presentation from the Student Workshop
2016 Site Maps
a link to a working CAD file is located below under Resources at the bottom of this page.
Sustainable Design Strategies
2016 Student Label
please attach a copy of this completed label to each presentation board and your model. An editable Word file can be downloaded under Resources at the bottom of this page.

Upcoming Events:

2016 Projects Due
April 29, 2016
Architecture Center Houston

2016 Awards Ceremony
May 6, 2016
Architecture Center Houston

For more information about the MGMC Design Competition contact Natasha Shamshiri at natashas@kirksey.com.

Check out pictures of the 2013 winners in the gallery below.
Photographs by Shau Lin / Slyworks Photography.


2016 MGMC Student Label [PDF 96.98 KB]
2016 MGMC Site Plan [PDF 16.70 KB]