ArCH Design Competition

Entries from the design competition will be on exhibit at Architecture Center Houston (315 Capitol location) January 19 thru March 2017. The exhibit will include details of the winning entry and developed design documentation of the new space designed by Murphy Mears Architects.

Opening Reception
Thursday January 19
5:30 - 7:00pm

Competition Clarifications

Page 2 of the competition brief lays out the eligibility requirements for participation in the competition.  Eligibility requirements must be met prior to the Phase 1 submittal deadline of May 6.  Each team participating in the competition will fill out a form on the AIA Houston website that will ask for a list of firm principals and for members of the project design team.  The AIA Houston staff will verify eligibility before the jury deliberations on May 11. Proposals from teams not meeting the eligibility guidelines will not be considered by the jury.

Eligibility is limited to AIA Houston members.  Firms may team up to participate in the competition, but they may not team with out of town firms.

Fee proposals requested from stage 2 short-listed firms
Page 5 of the competition brief notes that AIA Houston will ask for a fee proposal from the stage 2 short-listed firms along with their final presentation due on May 26. AIA Houston is not asking firms to compete based on fees and fees will not be used to determine the winner of this competition.  The fees proposed by a short-listed firm may result in the firm’s elimination only if the fees proposed are so high or so low as to be outside of what is generally accepted by the industry. AIA Houston has requested fees because there is a short time for this project’s completion and we want to move quickly and efficiently to contract with the winning firm.

Firms contacting Phase 1 jurors for any reason related to this competition will be disqualified.

Phase 1 Submittal
Firms/teams are not limited in the number of entries they are allowed to submit.  If a firm or team wishes to submit multiple concepts, each should be submitted as a distinct and individual entry to which all entry requirements will apply.

Submittal Deadline
The submittal deadline for Stage 1 is 12 midnight, Friday, May 6.