ArCH Design Competition

Entries from the design competition will be on exhibit at Architecture Center Houston (315 Capitol location) January 19 thru March 2017. The exhibit will include details of the winning entry and developed design documentation of the new space designed by Murphy Mears Architects.

Opening Reception
Thursday January 19
5:30 - 7:00pm

General Contractor RFQ Clarifications

Site Tour
Q: Is there a Date/Time set for tour, or should we schedule a tour for our team directly with you?

A: No. The virtual tour is available online, and the space is visible through the exiting storefront.

Intent to Bid
Q: Is there a formal “Intent to Bid” acknowledgment we need to submit, and if so date/time for Intent deadline?

A: No, qualifications only.

Selection Criteria
Q: Is there a published criteria for selection?

A: No.

Schedule & Budget Analysis
Q: Are there concept plans available for us to use in creating the high-level analysis requested?

A: No. Per the Scope section: The current design is not available to respondents.


“Address ability to meet schedule and budget. Please include a high-level analyses of the ArCH schedule and budget.”
Q: Please advise if this statement is only meant to obtain the General Contractors' approach and strategy for the high-level analyses schedule and budget and a submittal of an actual Budget will be not required at this stage.

A: A budget or cost estimate is not required at this time.  We are looking for a high level analysis of the proposed budget and schedule given the respondent’s understanding of projects of similar scope.