ArCH Exhibitions and Programs

Upcoming Exhibition:

Big, Hot & Sticky
Curated by Dalia Munenzon and Maggie Tsang

June 27-August 23, 2024
Monday - Thursday 9am - 5:00pm, Fridays 9am - 3pm
Call or email to visit the exhibition outside of the hours listed above.

Architecture Center Houston
902 Commerce St
Houston, TX 77002

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Frequently Asked Questions for Submitting Exhibit Proposals

How are ArCH Exhibits funded?
ArCH Exhibitions are funded through a variety of resources. While ArCH can provide some funds for exhibits, additional funding from grants and sponsors is usually required. You will need to include a proposed budget that includes funding with your exhibit proposal. An Exhibitions Committee member can assist you with this process. Funds from ArCH or ArCH-sourced grants are not guaranteed until an exhibit is selected by the committee and the board approves the budget.

Will ArCH assist me in obtaining outside funding from grants and sponsors?
ArCH will consider requests to assist in obtaining outside funding. These requests must be approved by the committee and the board.

How will ArCH promote the exhibit?
ArCH promotes all exhibits through direct emails, social media and press releases. ArCH will create a 11” x 17” poster for the exhibit to be distributed physically and electronically. Where appropriate, ArCH will engage community partners to promote exhibits and programs. Exhibit planners are expected to help in promotion.  Requests for additional advertising should be considered in the proposed budget.

Does ArCH provide an opening reception?
Yes! ArCH will schedule an opening reception and provide snacks and beverages. Opening receptions are generally on Thursday evenings from 5:30 – 7:00pm

What about other events like lectures, workshops and tours?
Any anticipated expenses for events should be included in your overall budget. ArCH encourages all proposals to include a minimum of one (1) public program during the exhibit.

How long will my exhibit at ArCH be on display?
Most exhibits are on display for 8 – 12 weeks. If your exhibit is selected, ArCH will provide you with proposed dates and length of the exhibit.

Can I request specific dates for my exhibit?
Yes. ArCH will consider requests for exhibits that require specific dates for conferences or travel schedules. Please be sure your dates are within the time period for which ArCH is accepting proposals. Please note that ArCH will decline an exhibit proposal if we cannot meet the requested dates.

Can art work or other exhibit materials be sold through ArCH?
ArCH does not sell exhibited art or materials. ArCH will direct any inquiries for purchase to the artist(s) and/or curator(s) of the exhibit. ArCH will sell exhibit publications while an exhibit is on display.

Does ArCH produce exhibit publications?
ArCH does not produce exhibit publications unless it has been proposed and approved in the exhibit budget.

Can I paint or make other changes to the gallery walls?
Painting and other modifications to the exhibit space and Architecture Center Houston must be approved by the committee. The exhibit budget must include funds for the modifications and to return the space to its original condition after the exhibit closes.

How can I attach items to the walls?
ArCH walls are a mix of plaster, concrete and drywall. All walls have a wire hanging system attached. The one movable drywall panel can accommodate nails and screws for attaching materials to walls. Glue and double sided tape are not permitted. 3M mounting strips designed to not damage drywall are allowed. ArCH provides standard patch and paint repairs after an exhibit.  Anything greater should be included in the budget per the previous question.

Can I hang items from the ceiling?
Please refer to the ArCH exhibit floor plan for locations of ceiling and wall supports for suspending items in the space. These are the only locations for hanging items in the space.

Who will install and de-install the exhibit?
ArCH staff and volunteers are available to assist. If specialized handing or installation skills are required, this should be addressed in your proposal and budget. Our timeline generally provides for a 10 day installation and 5 day de-installation. This includes gallery prep and repair times.

My what a beautiful store front window you have!
All the better for the public to see your exhibit. Please consider how your exhibit will interact with pedestrians through our storefront window. Be sure to include this in your exhibit proposal. ArCH will work with all selected exhibits to maximize this opportunity.