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Ben Brewer Award

Named in honor of Ben Brewer, FAIA, for distinguished service to the profession and his significant influence on young professionals. This award recognizes excellence in ability, exceptional work, and significant contributions in the practice of architecture by architects who are in their first 10 years of practice.*

The Award will be given for exceptional work and general excellence in the practice of architecture. The jury will consider contributions to team activities as well as individual efforts in its evaluative process. The Award is intended to recognize accomplishment rather than promise alone.

The range of activities for which an individual may be considered includes, but is not limited to: design, education, service to the profession, public service, historic preservation, research, urban design, government, industry, or architectural practice.

Nominations may be made by any AIA Houston member or firm. Nominees must be members of AIA Houston and may be in practice alone or in association with others.

*Previously, only architects who had been licensed for fewer than 10 years were eligible. Now, the award is open to individuals who have been licensed for fewer than 120 months, and the months need not be consecutive. This adjustment reflects a recognition that many in our profession take time away from practice during the initial stage of their career for differing reasons, including to bear and raise children. The change allows AIAH to recognize individuals who may be more than 10 years out of architecture school, but who have been in practice for fewer than 10 years.

Call for nominations are due on or before March 29, 2024

A nomination consists of:

  1. A brief biography of the nominee including the date of licensure, no more than three typewritten pages.
  2. A listing and description of the nominee’s accomplishments, no more than three typewritten pages.
  3. Letters of recommendation from at least three (3) individuals who are familiar with the nominee in the particular capacity for which the Award is recommended.  These letters should state why this candidate should be considered for the Award and refer to his/her accomplishments. Letters from clients, consultants, and civic leaders are encouraged.
  4. A portfolio containing detailed documentation of representative work in which the candidate was involved. The jury will consider contributions to team activities.  Documentation should consist of written materials, photographic prints, reproduction of drawings and/or any other items that will aid jurors in evaluating the candidate’s accomplishments. No models or slides will be accepted.

The winner will receive a travel stipend from the Architecture Center Houston Foundation and will be honored at the yearly Celebrate Architecture Gala on MAY 20, 2023

Submission Deadline - On or Before March 29, 2024 5:00PM


Sample Submission - Luis Ayala, AIA

Sample Submission - Catherine Callaway, AIA



Past Winners

2023 Melvalean McLemore, AIA
2022 Michelle Giuseppetti Old, AIA
2021 AJ Sustaita, AIA
2020 Luis Ayala, AIA
2019 Catherine Callaway, AIA
2018 Andrew Albers, AIA
2017 Jesse Hager, AIA
2016 Brett Zamore, AIA
2015 Christian Sheridan, AIA
2014 Laura Flannery Sachtleben, AIA
2013 Karen Lantz, AIA
2012 Julie Hendricks, AIA
2011 Mark Schatz, AIA
2010 James Evans, AIA
2009 Nicola Springer, AIA
2008 Camillo Parra, AIA
2007 Wyatt Frantom, AIA
2006 Michael Morton, AIA
2005 Lonnie Hoogeboom, AIA
2004 Brian Malarkey, FAIA
2003 Dallas Felder, AIA
2002 Scott Reagan Miller, AIA
2001 Wes Good, AIA
2000 Donna Kacmar, FAIA
1999 Mark Wamble, AIA
1998 Mark Francis, AIA
1997 Virginia Kelsey, AIA
1996 Tim Conroy, AIA
1995 David Epstein, AIA
1994 Kurt Neubeck, FAIA
1993 Suzanne Labarthe, AIA
1992 Val Glitsch, FAIA
1991 Joyce Rossner, AIA
1990 Doug Oliver, AIA
1989 Natayle Appel, FAIA
1988 Jay Baker, FAIA
1987 Leslie Davidson
1986 Tess Shine, AIA
1986 Laura Horstman, AIA
1985 Tom Dobbins, AIA
1985 Gerald L. Moorhead, FAIA