Gingerbread Build-Off

Levy Park

December 9, 2023
Levy Park
3801 Eastside St
Houston, TX 77098

Presenting Sponsor

Icing on the Roof Sponsors

Gumdrop Sponsors

Holiday Helper Sponsors

Competition Rules and Registration

Registration is open to local architecture firms, design professionals, students, and enthusiasts. 

  • Team registration is open. Sign up here
  • Order additional materials here.
  • Team registration and orders for additional materials closes Friday, November 11 at 5pm.

Materials and Tools

  1. Teams will be provided one 48” round presentation/ work table, one 8’ x 30” work table, plastic covers, two chairs, and a 10’ x 10’ work area.
  2. Each team will have the option of requesting a free 24”x 24” foil wrapped base.
  3. Teams may bring their own base but it may not exceed 24” x 36” in size. The base may not be pre-decorated or prepped in any fashion other than wrapped in foil.
  4. Each team will be provided with four (approx.) 16” x 12” Michael's Cookie Jar gingerbread sheets (four standard half baking sheets), approx. 2lbs of plain structural icing, peppermint candies and canes, redhots, and gumdrops. 
  5. Teams may bring their own materials including gingerbread. Gingerbread may not be precut into shapes prior to the competition. It must be in rectangular sheets.
  6. All construction materials remaining in, a part of, or attached to the final structure and base for presentation must be edible.
  7. Materials may not be preassembled. All construction must take place on competition day during the official competition time.
  8. Competitors should bring any tools and kitchen utensils they wish to use. Any construction tools determined to be dangerous or disruptive to general competition by event officials will not be allowed.
  9. Electricity will be available on site at community stations (read: not at team work tables), but not guaranteed and must be shared by competitors. Teams cannot use generators.
  10. Non-edible lighting may be placed inside gingerbread structures for judging and exhibition display. 


  1. If you have children on your team (12 years old or younger), there must be a ratio of one legal adult (18 or older) to every two children on your team.
  2. Each team will receive 5 competition aprons. High School teams will receive 10 aprons. All competing team members must wear a competition apron. Additional aprons may be ordered for $10 each.
  3. Team check-in begins at 10:00am on December 10th.
  4. Teams will receive their gingerbread, base, materials, and table assignment at check-in.
  5. Competition starts at 11:00am and ends at 4:00pm. Judging will take place at 4:00pm with awards at 5:00pm
  6. Each team may present one printed 8.5” x 11” page of information to the judges about their concept. The judges are not required to review or consider this information. Teams are not required to present this information.
  7. Environment and presentation of structures may be considered by judges.

Team Competition Categories

  • Best Architectural Icon
  • Tallest Standing Structure
  • Best Holiday Themed
  • Best Non-Holiday
  • Best Houston-centric
  • Interpretation of Materials
  • Public Favorite
  • NEW Home Sweet Home Run: Celebrating 120 years of American Baseball's World Series! Exciting plays, baseball stadiums, team mascots, and angels in the outfield in this theme category. Score big by crafting an edible baseball stadium in our 'Home Sweet Home Run' subcategory, where gingerbread becomes the field of dreams.

Sponsors with Event Presence

  1. Sponsors will be provided an 8’ x 30” table for display with plastic table cover.
  2. Sponsor tables may not be moved without an event official’s approval.
  3. Sponsors with teams will be provided a  team site for competition.
  4.  Click here to register your sponsorship. Contact Aleks Savitski at with any questions.

The Park

  1. No outside alcoholic beverages or smoking by City Ordiance.
  2. No glass containers
  3. Street parking available adjacent to the park area. Additional public parking (parking rates applies) is available in the Kirby Grove parking garage located on the corner of Richmond and Wakeforest.
  4. All trash must be placed in the bins provided. No trash or recycling should be left at your site at the end of the day. Volunteers will assist your team with disposal.