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Call for Volunteers 2020


The AIAHouston Committee on the Environment is looking for volunteers to join a task force to design and construct an environmental-themed Escape Room including puzzles and narratives for Gulf Coast Green in May of 2020.  The team will engage with prominent environmental leaders for theme and puzzle ideas, as the goal is to build a space to house a fun and educational team-building activity using clues from an environmental milieu.  Volunteers should have a passion for escape rooms and the environment as well as above-average creativity.  BIM and building skills will also be helpful.  The task force will meet somewhat frequently and design this from the ground up, including developing the budget and schedule.  A preliminary search has found zero environmental Escape Rooms, so this could be a breakout project.  Steve Stelzer, AIA, (leading this task force) is interested in providing a permanent home for the room at the City of Houston’s Green Building Resource Center.  Please RSVP to  Meetings to commence after Labor Day.

Initial Resources:  8 minuteYouTube of the world’s first Escape Room (2010):, A team works together to solve puzzles, find keys, and escape the room.  Interesting book: “Escape the Game: How to make puzzle and escape rooms” (Clare), and a good checklist for making your own room: “Amazing Escape room-How to make” (Kalinin).  Feel free to visit Houston escape rooms (and others) and take notes from your experience to share with the group.