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Renewable Energy & Carbon Offsets

Gulf Coast Green is pleased to announce a partnership with the Texas Coastal Exchange (TCX) to make the 2020 virtual conference carbon neutral.  This is the first year of what is hoped to be a long-term partnership to store carbon dioxide from the conference and conference attendees in the ecosystems surrounding the Houston area.

This year’s footprint from the virtual conference is about 5 tons of carbon dioxide emissions from electricity used by computers, internet, HVAC, and lighting by attendees.  These emissions will be stored in about three acres of coastal wetlands owned by Scenic Galveston, Inc.  This specific tract is part of the John M. O’Quinn I-45 Scenic Estuarial Corridor and was restored by excavation as well as soil placement and planting of smooth cordgrass (Spartina alterniflora).  The design and implementation of the restoration project was done by ENTRIX Environmental and landscape designer Lalise Whorton Mason of Houston who is also on the board of Scenic Galveston.