Gulf Coast Green 2020

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How green is Gulf Coast Green?

As in previous years, Gulf Coast Green continues on the path of being one of the greenest conferences in the region. This would not be possible without the support and participation of our attendees, expo vendors, and local industry partners.

Food Service
The food and beverage providers for Gulf Coast Green are among the leaders in sustainable food production in our area, incorporating locally grown raw ingredients and local products. All food waste will be composted, thanks in part to Pat Greer's Kitchen. Only reusable or compostable tableware, linens, and utensils will be used.

Waste Reduction
To ensure a Zero Waste Event, participants are requested to not bring any disposable items, such as single-use water bottles and paper or foam coffee cups. 

Name badges and posters are recyclable.
All Expo exhibitors will comply with ZERO-waste, and they will distribute no non-recyclable promotional giveaways. No symposium bags will be provided.

We encourage participants to reduce their travel foot print and explore alternative transportation options to get to Gulf Coast Green!  Here are some fun ways to get to the event:


Renewable Energy and Carbon Offsets

100% of the electricity usage of hte confernce and all greenhouse gas emmissions associated with the travel and lodging for Gulf Coast Green have been offset by the purchase of renewable energy certificates and carbon offsets.