Home Tour

2019 Tour Dates

October 19-20
Noon-6pm each day

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Submittal Instructions

Deadline for 2019 Submittals: May 10 @ 5:00pm 

The AIA Houston Residential Committee is accepting entries for the 33rd Annual AIA Houston Home Tour to be held October 19-20, 2019. 

All entries must be received by 5 p.m. May 10. Eligibility is limited to homes located within the Houston metropolitan area, designed by an AIA architect, and completed within the last 5 years. Architects or their firms must send the submittal. Homes must be substantially complete and available for photography upon submittal. 

Architects from outside of the Houston area are invited to submit but will be expected to fulfill all requirements of participating architects.

Selection Committee

Ada Corral
Jobe Corral Architects 

Tim Cuppett
Tim Cuppett Architects

Hugh Randolph
Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

Stuart Sampley Architect
Stuart Sampley Architect


Selection Process

A selection committee of qualified industry professionals will review the submittals and will make a recommendation to the AIA Houston Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will make the final selection of homes to include in the tour.

As Houston grows and its urban density increases the variety of housing options and solutions continue to expand. Consequently, locations will not be a determining factor in the selection process, and the committee will strive to have a variety of architectural styles represented on the tour. The criteria used to select homes for the tour will include:

  1. Design Excellence
  2. Quality and Craftsmanship
  3. Innovative Design Solutions and Use of Materials
  4. Sustainability


Requirements of Participating Architects

  1. A submittal form must be completed for each house submitted and must include a 250-word description of the house.
  2. Before submitting a house, you must discuss with and get approval from the homeowner.
  3. House must be the work of registered architects who are AIA members and demonstrate the value of using an architect.
  4. Homes are not eligible if they have been on or accepted by any other local home tours.
  5. Projects must be substantially complete (as denoted per AIA document A201)* by date of submission and preference will be given to houses that are furnished, occupied, and landscaped.
  6. Up to two (2) home submissions may be made. Architects or their firms must send the submittal.
  7. The home must be made available for photography between June 24 - July 5 so that the photographer can make appointments to visit each house.
  8. The architect will be responsible for securing no fewer than 4 house sponsors ($250 ea.). These are generally contractors, consultants, subs, etc.
  9. The architect will be responsible for recruiting an adequate number of docents to staff the house during the tour.
  10. The architect must be present at the house during the home tour.


Submission Process


Download the submission package.

1. Complete the submittal form.

Option 1:
1. Create an AIA Houston account by clicking on "Login" at the top of this page.
2. Visit the document upload service and submit your zipped submission file. You must be logged in to view this page.

Option 2:
1. Upload your entry directory to a cloudstorage site (like Dropbox or Google Drive) and email a link to info@aiahouston.org with the subject line "Home Tour Submission".