2020 Call for Entries

We are very excited to announce At Home with Architects, the 2020 AIA Houston Virtual Fall Home Tour. We welcome your participation!

The tour requirements are very inclusive, presenting unique outreach opportunities for both Architects and AIA Houston. This is not a juried tour. All entries meeting the Submission Requirements will be accepted.

Architects are encouraged to make a video presentation, within a prescribed length of time, that AIA Houston will organize into a cohesive platform with a public launch on October 24. The tour will be marketed to the public - we expect a great deal of interest!

As a special tour feature, noted Houston architectural historian Stephen Fox will review the submitted videos, following which he will create a video with commentary on Houston Residential Architecture.

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Submission Requirements

Eligible Project Types:

1. Single Family Home – Projects must meet Section R101.2 of the 2012 International Residential Code. Outbuildings and Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) meeting the above criteria are eligible. New Construction, Renovations, Additions, and Historic Preservation projects are all eligible for inclusion.

2. Multiple Unit Residential (Condo, Apartment, Co-Op) – Custom designed units within larger developments with unique homeowners.

3. Alternative Residential Projects – Live/work homes with at least 50% of the space dedicated to living spaces.

Requirements of Participating Architects:

1. Videos should be about the comprehensive documentation of a single project, exploring the architect’s design concepts, philosophy, and methodology, or the exploration of a particular spatial type or theme common to a maximum of three projects within a single video.

2. Projects must be the work of registered architects who are members of AIA Houston and demonstrate the value of using an architect.

3. Up to two (2) video submittals can be made by a single architectural firm. Architects or their firm must send the submittal.

4. The architect must receive permission from the project’s owner for inclusion in the video.

5. There are no restrictions regarding the project’s completion date and geographic location, nor are there any fees associated with the submittal.

Video Requirements (UPDATED*):

1. Videos should be a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of 10 minutes in length.

2. Videos should be saved in MP4 format; please limit size to 400MB*. PLEASE NOTE - this has changed. If you are able, please compress your video to meet this requirement and upload via Submittable; if you are unable to compress your file, please fill out the Submittable form and send your video directly to debby@aiahouston.org via Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc.

3. Photo and Description: your submission must also include a single still image of the project (in landscape format) which will be part of the tour’s launch page, and a brief project teaser with a maximum of 75 words that will be linked as an introduction to the video.


Video Suggestions:

1. While architects are free to submit professionally produced videos, the spirit of our conversation has been more about something self-produced using mobile phones, etc. This has been a challenging year for everyone. We want this to be something fun and exploratory.

2. Still photos, diagrams, and drawings may be included as part of the video with voice-over or narration.

3. Client interviews regarding the conception of the house and the design/construction process are strongly encouraged. These can be videoed in person, or remotely through zoom meetings, etc.

4. Under Project Requirements item 1, examples of spatial types or themes are specific rooms, voids, courtyards, materials, light, details, design approach, historic and contextual influences, etc., anything you are passionate about in your work that has a specific focus.

5. This is a great opportunity to submit your favorite out of town projects!

Public Favorite Awards:

The public will be invited to vote for their favorite projects in the following categories:

1. Best quarantine house
2. Best kid friendly house
3. Best pet friendly house
4. Best place to commune with nature
5. Best place to have a beer


Video submissions are due by 5pm on Friday, September 25.

Upload your submission via Submittable here.

For more info, contact Debby Joiner.